Westercon, Portland, OR, July 1 – 4

After a taking a break from the internet (probably should write a blog post about that, but that’s neither here nor there), I’m back with a brief update.

I’ll be attending Westercon / Gearcon in Portland, OR, July 1 – 4, 2016, as a panelist. My schedule is below.

Friday Noon Writer Workshop

Fri Jul 1 12:00:pm – 1:00:pm
This is a pre-registered event. Potential writers meet with a selection of professionals for constructive feedback regarding recent work.
Carol Berg, Langley Hyde, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Tina Connolly

Friday 3pm Kaffeeklatsch

Fri Jul 1 3:00:pm – 4:00:pm
Small group discussions with authors, artists, and other interesting personalities (referred to as “hosts”). Sessions are limited to the host and a small group of attendees.
Cat Rambo, Charles Mason, Crystal Connor, Langley Hyde, Loretta McKibben, Michael Brugger, Sienna Saint-Cyr

Langley Hyde Reading

Sat Jul 2 10:30:am – 11:00:am
Langley Hyde reads from selected works.
Langley Hyde

World Building: Science Fiction vs Fantasy

Sat Jul 2 1:00:pm – 2:00:pm
What are the similarities and differences between world building in science fiction vs fantasy? What elements give an alien or fantastic world a more realistic feel? Is it harder to describe a technology or a magic system? What techniques work for both?
Hugh S. Gregory, Jason LaPier, Langley Hyde, Rhiannon Held

Creativity and Mental Health

Sat Jul 2 5:00:pm – 6:00:pm
The care and watering of the creative brain. Ways of actively taking care of mental health to optimize creativity rather than coping or thinking mental health struggles as the price of creativity.
Blythe Ayne, Erica Satifka, Kristin Landon, Langley Hyde

Formidable Women

Sun Jul 3 10:00:am – 11:00:am
Why do we like reading about formidable women? How do you give a formidable woman flaws without losing her formidableness? How do you make her a formidable woman without making her a man?
John Lovett, Kristin Landon, Langley Hyde, Mike Moscoe

Has Star Trek Left Us With an Enduring Mythology?

Ross Island
Sun Jul 3 12:00:pm – 1:00:pm
Star Trek has been the most visible brand in SF since the 1960’s. It has introduced concepts and vocabulary into society in a way that no other aspect of SF has ever done. Will that influence eventually fade away or will Star Trek always be with us?
Langley Hyde, Mike Chinakos, Patrick Swenson, Sunni Brock


Sun Jul 3 3:00:pm – 4:00:pm
Get your goodies signed!
Carol Berg, Langley Hyde

Geeks and Feminism

Ross Island
Mon Jul 4 1:00:pm – 2:00:pm
Is feminism anti-geek? Are geeks anti-feminist? (Spoiler: no). Come discuss the joyful harmony of promoting geek power and gender equality side-by-side, and learn about the unique challenges facing humans with geek traits, female-categorized traits, or both!
Amber Clark, Ari Goldstein, Langley Hyde, Liz Argall

If you’re at the convention or in town, I’d be happy to meet up and chat. I look forward to seeing you there!

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