Pregnancy loss: Don't say the a-word. She might crack. The doctor comes in. She does a good job. About ten to twenty percent of women have non-viable pregnancies. About half those miscarry naturally. She’s quiet, thorough, professional, and kind. I cry. I can’t help it. It’s embarrassing.
7 Reasons Why I Liked Cascade Writers Workshop – and Why You Might Too I had a great time at Cascade Writers Workshop – thank you again, to the organizers – and would like to say that Cascade was a fun event that I recommend.
Writing My Own Obits: A Cheerful Way To Pass Time I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s something about writing my own obituary that cheers me up. Here's a few Langley Hyde obits, for your reading enjoyment.
150 Years Ago, Feb. 22: Ice Harvesting on the Hudson On February 22, 1866, the New York Times writes that ice harvesting in the Hudson had just finished in Upstate New York.

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